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Adventure Under Sail

The Field Studies Council and Adventure Under Sail are running amazing land to sea residentials which will offer you a fantastic opportunity to join in a journey of discovery at FSC Slapton Ley and aboard The Tall Ship Pelican.

The 7 day residentials will take you through a voyage of discovery in a positive, supportive environment where you can make friends, develop a sense of belonging, build confidence, discover new things and experience some sailing.

The courses are eligible for 15-18 year olds. You do not have to be a keen sailor or marine biologist to take part.

The courses can count towards your Gold Duke of Edinburgh Qualification or you can just come to have some fun and meet new people.

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Part Clipper, part pirate ship. The Pelican is a unique, fast, three masted sailing ship, the essence of blue water sailing. A Tall Ship, yes! But as handy as they come. This is a ship with wings, with a Corsair rig and able to challenge vessels twice her size. Pace and space are what she offers. For comfort and style, she has few equals.

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