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FSC Gender Pay Gap

What’s our Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly pay received by men and women across The Field Studies Council (FSC) regardless of their work.  The Pay Gap information provided is based on a snapshot of FSC data from 5 April 2017.  We have compared both the mean (average) and median (mid-point) in the hourly rate we paid to men and women on 05 April 2017. 

The difference in hourly pay between men and women:

Mean Gender

Median Gender

Pay Quartiles

The pay quartiles shown in the diagram below have been calculated by listing the rates of pay for every employee from the lowest to highest, before splitting that list into four equal-sized groups and calculating percentage of males to females in each.

   Man         Pay Quartiles              Woman

50%              Top quartile                     50%

39.6%        Upper middle quartile         60.4%

27.4%        Lower middle Quartile        72.6%

19.8%           Lower quartile                 80.2%


How are we addressing our Gender Pay Gap?

We are committed to driving down our gender pay gap.  We want to ensure that both women and men are evenly represented at all levels in our organisation.  We have benchmarked FSC salaries against similar sector organisations and evaluated role profiles for all our jobs to ensure equality and consistency.  We will continue to promote our flexible and family policies.

The FSC is an organisation where people can thrive and develop regardless of their gender or background and we will continue to offer fair, equitable pay to all colleagues.

As Chief Executive Officer of The Field Studies Council, I confirm that the information contained within is accurate.

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Robert Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
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