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Applying to FSC Kids Fund

What is FSC Kids Fund?

The Kids Fund is part of the Field Studies Council (FSC).  FSC, is the only environmental education charity dedicated solely to providing informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, be inspired by, and understand the natural environment.

The Kids Fund is funded by donations from individuals, Trust Funds and from FSC Membership subscription.  FSC staff also organise fundraising events. 

The Kids Fund aims to:

  • bring environmental understanding to disadvantaged young people by attending a course at an FSC learning  location.
  • help disadvantaged young people to attend a course who may otherwise  be excluded due to some form of disadvantage - health, mobility, deprivation or financial.

Who is it for?

Groups who meet one of the following criteria will be eligible:

  • Disadvantaged young people aged 4-18 years (or up to 25 years for those with special needs).

  • Voluntary youth groups (either run by voluntary leaders, managed by a voluntary organisation, a registered charity)
  • School groups may apply if they are aiming to provide benefits which are additional to the statutory school curriculum or clearly show added value, depth and breadth to the taught curriculum. FSC Kids Fund will not pay for young people to attend standard curriculum-focused FSC courses.

All applicants must be based in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Isles or the Republic of Ireland.

Due to current levels of high demand and low income to the fund, the priority will be to fund first time applications. This guidance will be reviewed anually.

What does it fund?

FSC Kids Fund will pay for up to 75% of the course fee for groups of disadvantaged young people to attend a non-curriculum day or residential course at an FSC Learning Location. This includes all equipment, tuition and waterproof hire costs. Food and accommodation are included for residential courses. One free staff/adult place is provided for every 12 young people; additional adults pay 20% +VAT.

There are two types of Kids Fund course Wildlife and Environment focusing on wildlife habitats and the environment with team building activities and Eco Adventure which combines environmental and personally challenging activities. The course content will be discussed with the group and the learning location. Typical activities may include:

o    Hands on investigation of life in ponds and rivers
o    Catching small mammals like woodmice or shrews
o    Nightwalks and use of bat detectors
o    Challenge activities such as low ropes courses, natural wall climbing or raft building
o    Fun activities with an environmental theme to build teamwork
o    Campfires and BBQs

 FSC Kids Fund does not fund

  • Groups attending standard curriculum focused FSC courses (see FSC Bursary Fund)
  • Courses at to non FSC Learning Locations
  • Groups of less than 10 young people
  • Transport costs to the FSC Centre for residential courses.
  • Individuals wishing to visit an FSC Centre
  • Groups of people aged under 4 or over 18yrs (the age limit for young people with special needs is 25yrs)
  • Personal equipment needed on the course e.g. clothing, daysacks, snacks, toiletries
  • FSC Kids Fund will not support courses booked through special offers or promotions e.g. First Travel Solutions

How do we apply?

Please complete the application form and post it or email it to Kids Fund at the address below.

FSC Kids Fund Application form (word)

When can we apply?

There are two funding rounds each year which close on 1st March and 1st November.
You may apply at any time and your application will be held until the next decision round.

What happens once we have applied?

Applications will be looked at by the Kids Fund decision group during the first two weeks of March and November each year.

Decisions will be made in the following weeks, based on:
•    how closely the information provided fits with the aims of the Kids Fund
•    how closely we are able to match your wishes of course content, timing and location
•    how much match funding your group has raised
•    how much money is available to spend.

Successful applicants will be contacted by phone and/or letter and at this point we will discuss course content and location. Courses can be tailored to the needs of your group. We will discuss dates when you would like to attend and when there is Centre availability. The application form gives you space to state a preference of geographical/Centre location and type of course. Some courses only run at certain locations.

We will contact unsuccessful applicants and try to give some feedback.

Decisions made by the group will be final and no appeals will be heard, but if you are unsuccessful you are welcome to apply again after 12 months have lapsed.

Terms and conditions of a Kids Fund Grant

The FSC Kids Fund grant is offered subject to our Terms and Conditions which include:

  • The grant offer is only valid for courses which take place within 12 months of the date of offer
  • The grant can only be used for a FSC course 
  • The course must be booked and confirmed within 2 months of the grant offer
  • Significant changes to the course length or student numbers or failing to pay the deposit on request could lead to loss of the FSC Kids Fund grant
  • A 500 word report with photographs, and permission for use, must be received within one month of taking part in the course
  • Groups can apply for second /third grant but can only benefit from one grant per academic year but during current high demand first time applicants are the priority.

What will give me the best chance of a successful application?

  • Convincing the Kids Fund decision group that the grant is critical for your group
  • Raising at least 25% of the cost of the course yourselves
  • Showing how your group is disadvantaged
  • Showing that this course is part of a longer term plan for your group as opposed to a ‘one off trip’
  • Showing that there is some benefit to the environment, which can be sustained through your groups activities
  • If you are applying from a school make it very clear how Kids Fund is supporting young people in work which is beyond the statutory taught curriculum

Contact details:

Kids Fund
FSC Head Office
Preston Montford
Montford Bridge

[email protected]