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Kids Fund Stories

FSC Kids Fund supports disadvantaged groups to attend FSC courses. On this page you can read some of the stories of the groups who have been helped by Kids Fund:

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32nd Greenock Scouts

Greenock Scouts Kids Fund 2017This scout group had a fantastic visit to FSC Millport, where they focused on two scout badges: Environmental Conservationist and Naturalist with all the 24 young people gaining both awards by the end of their visit.

The group are from a deprived area of Scotland with high unemployment, many also have special needs meaning they rarely have the chance for a residential.

The Scout Leader said 'What a great facility on our doorstep. Our kids really enjoyed themselves and also gained two quality awards with the help of FSC Millport. We hope to come back in the future with some other young people'. 

Read more about how they got on 

Westminister ShoolThe Westminster School, Sandwell

A group of 15 students aged 14 to 16 from this special needs school attended a four night residential at FSC Preston Montford in March.

The lead teacher commented that the Kids Fund grant was essential as it enabled children with moderate learning difficulties, from a deprived area, to have the opportunity to experience a new way of learning.  

He said ‘the whole Preston Montford experience has paved the way for future visits. The pupils have been truly inspired from the amazing experience. Our plans for the near future include: developing an outdoor learning classroom; having a ‘bird box’ enterprise scheme; conservation work at the local nature reserve and more visits to Preston Montford.’ 



Long Eaton 2Long Eaton School, Derbyshire

A group of 20 boys benefitted from funding to attend a weekend at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau.  When applying to Kids Fund the teacher wanted to support ‘boys who often do not take an active part in class - they sit back and let the more confident volunteer and take the lead.’

 Following the weekend he reported ‘all of the pupils that attended the trip to North Wales had a great time. Many of them were apprehensive about coming because they had not really been away from home for an extended period of time. Because of the wide mix of pupils, there were many different things I wanted them to get out of the trip. Many of them have behavioural issues and only really experience negative situations whilst at school. On the trip however they had a chance to be praised and have fun which made them visibly happier.

The pupils surprised me with the way they interacted with the nature element of the course. The experience has certainly given them a new outlook on the world they live in and a new found respect for the great outdoors. I certainly didn’t expect them to be so receiving when they came face-to-face with wildlife and they interacted extremely positively. This was the biggest surprise of the trip for me.   

Moor Nook 2015


Moor Nook Central CIC, Preston

Kids Fund supported 20 young people to enjoy a two night experience at FSC Castle Head. The organisation supports youth
engagement to improve social skills, education and employability.

‘Many of our young people had never been away on an activity such as this before, some had been with school, but never in a youth group setting. Many of them had reservations about leaving home, not knowing exactly where  they were going or even what to expect, putting this aside each young person  pushed themselves outside their inner comfort zone and surprised themselves with what they were able to achieve.

Before going to Castle Head we made personal diaries for each young person to record how they felt, what they did, and what they wanted to do again, they filled these in every single night.’
‘I really enjoyed the rock climbing as I am afraid of heights, I have discovered I can do anything if I push myself, and have overcome my fear of heights’ 



Unite Carers 2015

Unite Carers, Mid Devon

A group of 15 young carers spend a weekend at FSC Nettlecombe Court having a break from their responsibilities and learning more about the environment.

“We enjoyed a variety of activities including a night walk, river dipping, a trip to both ends of Porlack Bat which involved a very steep descent down a cliff as well as a half mile trek up to Dunkery Beacon which I am proud to say ALL young carers and volunteers achieved.

We also had an impressive evening learning about ‘Our Place in Space’ and ‘In the Sky’ workshop which was very informative and fascinating. We made our own planets and had a chance to look at the moon through some very special binoculars.’


Inspiring Grace , Pendle And BlackburnInspiring Grace, Pendle and Blackburn

This youth group received funding for a group of 20 young people aged 8-18 years old to spend a weekend at FSC Castle Head to learn more about wildlife and the environment.

Following the Kids Fund experience the leader wrote a report which stated ‘the young people benefitted greatly from their stay at Castle Head particularly being given the opportunity to experience new skills and activities. Our aim was to attempt to instil in the children a love of nature and nature based activities. This was reflected in the activities which we chose such as bushcraft and fire lighting. Some of the children also benefitted by improving their self-confidence and independence skills with the vast majority having never been away outside the family setting. The experience also allowed the children to think about the value of team work – this was an important factor that was reiterated by our instructors. Outside the formal learning the children were able to bond closely and develop friendships so it was nice to see formal and informal learning coming together.  The children also benefitted by learning about the sorts of activities and changes they can make to their lives which would benefit the environment.’


Charlotte Brightside Centre, Wirral

The children who access the Charlotte’s Brightside centre, Wirral live in an area of deprivation - There is a culture of alcohol and drug misuse. They have little opportunity to rxplore or understand the environment. 

Their visit to FSC Rhyd-y-creuau had a real impact:

‘This residential, for some of our young people, has given them insight and experiences they would never have had the opportunity to try. The activities have given the children new direction and helped them experience the reality of our wider environment. Some of the young people had not previously been out of a 'town' or 'city' environment. They now believe that fields, water, countryside, natural beauty are interesting and exciting.'

Charlotte Brightside kids fund


St David's CE Primary School, Devon

The children from St David’s CE School who went to FSC Slapton Ley are from an area of social deprivation in Exeter and have little access to green spaces and outdoor activities.  Despite this they volunteer to be part of the school's Green Team which meets at lunch time and after school to work on recycling, planting and gardening.  The course helped to reward and encourage the children and strengthen the team so that they can share their skills back at school.

St david's CE IMG_2


CCHF All About Kids

Funding was provided for a group of 180 young people aged 7 - 11 to take part in a day visit to FSC Juniper Hall.  CCHF All About Kids provides residential and respite breaks for deprived children from London, Sussex and Essex. The organisation’s residential centre in West Sussex provides a safe environment where the children can ‘get away’ from the issues which they face in their daily life.  During the school summer holiday groups of children will enjoy a break at the residential centre.

The day course was to provide an environmental element within the overall summer residential. The activities at Juniper aimed to increase awareness, interest and understanding of the natural world as well as improve confidence and enable the children to have fun in the outdoors.  This is the second time FSC Kids Fund has been able to support children from CCHF All About Kids.


Rosebank Primary School

12 students aged 7-11 took part in a two night residential at FSC Preston Montford.  All children have special learning needs and taking part in a residential was a big step in developing independence and extending skills to cope with a new environment.

The course aim was to encourage the children to have a healthy lifestyle and to develop conservation skills which they will be helped to use in community projects on their return home.

Following the visit one of the teachers said: 'All pupils gained happy and positive memories from the visit. The school will set up some of the activities in the school grounds and have already planned to plant a small woodland area to foster the pupils' interest in environments and habitats.'

 rosebank kids fund


 Rivington and Blackrod High School, Bolton

March 2014 was the third Kids Fund visit from Rivington and Blackrod who brought 10 students with varying different special educational needs such as ADHD and PDD (pervasive development disorder). The young people have severe disadvantages in life.  They do not access mainstream school, but work within SOLAR, the behavioral and emotional support team to access learning.  The aim of the residential trip to FSC Castle Head was to give the young people a unique opportunity to visit a new environment and to undertake activities as a team, learning to support one another.

It achived these aims through the range of activities and experiences with the natural world.  The school felt the trip really inspired the group about the environment and they will be continuing work back at school with activities including Geocaching.

Rivington Blackrod 2014