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1948 Gill Brand, Stratford-upon-Avon – FSC Malham Tarn

I first went to Malham Tarn Field Centre for a week in, I think, 1948. There were two of us, 6th formers, from a small Girls’ Grammar School in an industrial West Riding town. It was soon after the Malham Tarn Centre opened and the two of us had daily contact with the Warden, Paul Holmes, or his botanical colleagues.

As well as being shown a diversity of organisms and an eye-opening range of communities, we were introduced to the ideas of ecological investigation,  At the end of one day’s search, our failure to detect regeneration of the beech trees was thought-provoking.

Later I went to University and became a professional biologist. Memories of this first field experience, which was paid for by the West Riding County Council, have stayed with me over the years.  By continued membership of FSC I have supported its aims and so I am very pleased to support your 70th year project providing financial help for young people to attend FSC courses.