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1950 John Hermann, Oxford - FSC Malham

My first visit was to Malham Tarn in about 1950 when I was 15 and I went there again a few times. I remember Charles Sinker mainly for his waistcoats - spectacular!

Also for his encouraging us to go "galumphing" down the hill over the tussocks  in a manner which I assume would be disallowed in this protective age.

Also chewing peat cores from the Tarn to isolate bog-bean seeds.

Otherwise I first learned about Limestone Pavement (useful in later life in the Lak District) at Malham as well as the stain left by the sooty Waterbaby on the cliff.  I have enjoyed several of Martha Newton's courses, though never achieved great proficiency in Bryophytes.

I remember my Parents went to Slapton very early on in its existence but have no details apart from their memory of a very happy time.

Unfortunately I have got to the age where I can't get out much but I remember the FSC with great affection.