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1952 Colin Brand, Sussex - FSC Malham Tarn

1952 Spring.I was nearly 17 and a member of the Sevenoaks School group on a trip to Malham Tarn Field Centre. It was the first time I had been north of London.

The scenery was somewhat different from leafy Kent.We walked to the top of Malham Cove and learnt of the micro-climates in the grykes and clints,climbed Ing Scar.visited Victoria Cave,learnt about dry valleys and walked beside Cote Gill and Cowside Beck.Beside the tarn we searched the raised bog of Tarn Moss for owl pellets  and for the first time I heard and saw Snipe "bleating" in the air above.  Along the becks were Dippers, an unusual nest of which was constructed on the top of a rock in the water.

The accommodation at the Centre was rather basic.We missed our train from Skipton and had an exciting ride in an old rattling coach to  catch another from Leeds.

The next year I spent a wonderful week in  May at Skokholm Observatory off the coast from Dale Fort FC and I am very pleased to learn this will be possible once more.