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1954 Dr Dingle Smith, Australian National University - FSC Malham Tarn

As a (keen) undergraduate at Kings (London) I went on a course in the summer of 1954 to Malham led by Scorer on meteorology - it nearly was a disaster as much of it was concerned with clouds and surprisingly for the first 3 days there was not a cloud in the sky.

The clouds that formed quite a topic for much of the week, with theodolites and the like, were absent and we were all in a lecture in what I think was originally the drawing room when somebody burst in to say there was a cloud and everybody dropped what they were doing to rush out and look at it!

It was a fabulous course, I think one that had been given several times, and there was somebody with a short wave radio receiving the Morse signals from round the world. There were decoded and then plotted on a world map and the pressure patterns and fronts drawn up from scratch. We all did mini-projects and mine was to measure temps in a gryke - day and night.. It says reams for Scorer and his staff that they were prepared to give so much time AND EFFORT. By the way I am fairly certain that Don Walker, the later ANU Pollen person, gave a lecture one evening. He was likely then a postgrad/ junior staff member at Cambs. I remember he wore a Norfolk Jacket first time I had ever seen one.