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1955 Eileen Beaumont, Bristol - FSC Malham Tarn

Malham was the first field study centre I visited as part of a Botany degree at Bedford College.

I remember picking a specimen of Parnassia palustris(Grass of Parnassus)to ask Dr Francis Rose what it was only to discover that it was one of the four plants which a notice over the fireplace in the commonroom said were rare and should on no account be picked. As there were no accompanying illustrations I didn't feel too guilty but I was pleased to see lots of it on the dunes near Ainsdale on sea many years later.

Descending Gordale Scar was a good test for my first ever pair of walking boots; they served me well for many years. One thing puzzles me, my diary of the trip records that we cycled to Pen Y Ghent,Helworth Bridge etc presumably we borrowed them from the Centre?