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1970s Ellen Carolan, Southwell - FSC Malham Tarn

I have happy memories of many FSC courses but one sticks clearly in my mind - a course on diptera taught by Henry Disney.

To collect samples for identification in the lab each course participant filled a a margarine tub with a little washing up liquid and left it overnight on the marshy edge of the Tarn.  The next morning as we carried our tubs back to the Centre we met a group of walkers who were on the Pennine Way.  They asked 'what are you doing? ' and our reply was ' we are bringing libations to the great god diptera!'

Another memorable activity was creating a matrix of different coloured washing up bowls on the lawn in front of the house - carefully making sure that no two bowls of the same colour were adjacent.  We were investigating whether or not crane flies favoured a particular colour - they didn’t.