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1971 Sue Newman - FSC Orielton

My first experience of the FSC was on an A level Biology fieldtrip to Orielton in 1971 when I felt as though I had been transported out of the West Midlands to paradise. I thought the house, the estate and the whole of the coastline was beautiful.

Much of the week was spent in the company of W. Eifion Jones imparting his vast knowledge of seaweed. Much to our amusement (we were after all 17 year old girls) he conducted the outdoor lectures stripped to his minute leopard skin 'budgie smugglers'.

After finishing A levels I was eager to return and Robin and Anne Crump kindly offered me a job as a kitchen assistant while I considered my next move. The time I spent working at Orielton still remains one of the happiest times of my life and Pembrokeshire one of my favourite areas.