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1973 Adrian Shaw, Cardiff - FSC Orielton

I was 17 and studying for my A level Biology at Fareham Technical College in Hampshire. Being my first visit to Wales I remember the stunning landscapes, traveling through Brecon and on west to Orielton.

It was mid-March, the weather was grey and wet all week. We explored the ecological changes that occur from the beginnings of a mountain stream in the Preseli Mountains down to the coastline. The beaches were windswept but thoroughly enjoyable times amongst the rocks and seaweed.

Once back at the centre we had supper and then worked on writing up the day’s fieldwork. I cannot remember staff names or any great detail but it was a really inspiring week.

I returned to Wales 5 years later and have remained ever since. I work in the medical profession but know my interest in biology and my experience of that trip to Wales shaped the direction of my life. Diolch yn fawr Orielton