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1973 Steve Tilling, FSC Director of Communications - FSC Dale Fort

My parents never forgave the FSC.

I was one of the last of that fortunate generation where all the expenses of a week-long biology A level course was paid for by the local council. I seem to remember that we didn't get to choose where we went (our class was split up and we made our way independently to our allotted field centres on public transport - health and safety paperwork was still to be conceived). But it didn't matter because my main motivation was to get away from school for 7 days....bliss.

The problem was I embarked to Dale with the intention of becoming a helicopter pilot (a very sensible choice in my father's opinion, being a forces man), but came back wanting to be an ecologist. And the determination stuck, nuturing a natural sciences degree and PhD.

I'm not sure my parents, or the schools careers adviser (who had me lined up for quantity surveying), ever did understand. But they had never been on a FSC course.