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1974 Judie Baker, Suffolk - FSC Orielton

I have limited memories of my time at Orielton nearly 40 years ago but a few things I remember clearly. We visited the shoreline and studied the plant and animal life that lived above and below the tideline and how they had adapted to what seemed to me a very precarious life.

The experience took me beyond the simple love of nature that I had always had since a small child, to studying our environment in real depth .
My other strong memories bearing in mind I grew up on a small farm in South Devon where travel or family holidays did not exist, was the fear of getting to Orielton.
Would I miss my train connections?
When I arrived at Swansea would someone from the Centre meet me as promised?
Would anyone speak to me during my stay?
I survived and my confidence increased a little from the whole experience.

Following a chance invitation to the 70th Anniversary day at Flatford Mill in June of this year I feel life has perhaps come 'full circle' for me. I now work as a Science Technician in a secondary school in Suffolk and following a conversation with the Director of Studies at Flatford Mill, I am now trying to encourage my school to use the facilities at Flatford Mill so that todays pupils can benefit as I did all those years ago.