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1975 Allan Jenkinson, Glasgow - FSC Dale Fort

Lots of happy memories. Attended a seabirds course between 3rd and 4th year at Strathclyde University. Dave Emerson offered me the chance to work over the summer crewing Lord Hurcombe and helping out.

Robert Dougal and a guy I think called Bert Axel visited for their book, which I assume is Birdwatch Around Britain published in 1982. They needed to get on to Grassholm, but bad weather and swell. We used the dinghy and Robert Dougal fell backward into the water when stepping off Grassholm; nearly scalped me pulling himself back on board!
I took a wee smurf with me called Orwell when we went out. Met Claire and Yvonne of whom I have fond memories of both... and Dave, and the dog.
A brilliant experience that left me with a whole stack of 35mm slides of gannets and a dislike of greater balck-backed gulls.
I'm still in science, so something must have worked.