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late 1970s Alan Fordham, Middlesex - FSC Malham Tarn

During the 1970s I became involved in managing a fenland nature reserve in Suffolk and wanted to learn more about the plants and animals that are associated with the fens. This was the first time I found about the FSC and the courses it offered to adults.

The one that seemed to fit the bill was a course on fens and bogs being run at Malham Tarn and I duly enrolled. It was a great learning experience and opened my eyes to the diverse nature that could be found, especially in upland bogs! All those species of sphagnum, the wonderful bog asphodel and, of course, the insectivorous plants (sundews, butterwort etc.). I wish I could remember who the tutor was, but this escapes me, but his enthusiasm and knowledge gave me the information I was seeking. I was hooked and just wanted to learn more and more so I became a life member of the FSC and have attended many courses since.