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1988 Tom Stamp, Pembrokeshire - FSC Nettlecombe Court and FSC Preston Montford

I was a 6th Form student at the John Bentley School, Calne, Wilts. We visited Nettlecombe in May as part of our A Level Biology course.

We had great weather throughout. I remember Freshwater ecology on the headwaters of Nutscale reservoir & Exposed rocky shore ecology at Hurlstone Point.

Highlight has do be when we were working around Watchet harbour and a girl on the course, Alison Cuggy fell over in the mud and was completely immersed. I was dispatched to retrieve her, which I did with some reluctance. She looked a picture as the mud dried out, and she didn’t smell very clever on the bus back to the centre.

I attended Preston Montford for my 6th Form Geography Trip in September. Pretty standard stuff. Rivers at Ashes Hollow. Rural Settlements, Bridge North et al. Soils somewhere near Llangollen.

I really enjoyed the Berwyn Mountains, scrambling up the corrie slope at Llyn Luncaws then walking down to Pistyll Rhaedr. It was this trip that cemented Geography as my choice for my degree.

By a very convoluted way this trip lead me in to teaching and now the FSC. Who'd a thunk?