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1997 Jo Harris, FSC tutor - FSC Orielton

From A level Biology and Robin Crump's Save the Starfish Mission to FSC London.

I attended an A Level biology field course at Orielton field centre. It being just over a year since the Sea Empress spill, most of my overwhelming memories are of Robin Crump's Save the Starfish mission and his overwhelming passion and determination to show us how diverse, beautiful and magical Pembrokeshire beaches were. Other less awe inspiring memories include hash brown eating competitions and having soaking wet socks all the time.

Something must have stayed with me however as after my course I applied to study marine biology, and I specialised in sea shore ecology. In 2005 I returned to FSC Orielton as a tutor and spent 7 wonderful years there finally leaving in 2012. But don't think I have left the Field Studies CouncilĀ  behind me, I now work for FSC London, providing education in the London's Royal Parks.