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circa 1993 Alan Flack, Okehampton - FSC Nettlecombe Court

There was a period 15 -20 years ago at Nettlecombe Court when I found extraordinary peace and contentment which has stayed with me ever since.

Firstly I was aware of the total dedication of the Warden and his wife, John and Marilyn Crowthers.  Then there was the  passion and enthusiasm of the tutors on the adult courses offered.  They blended so well that we could learn from each of them.  These were: Patrick Dunn (Landscape Art) , Zoe Keating (Botanical Art); David Tomlinson (Birds and Butterflies) and June Chatfield with her tortoises on the lawn (Natural History of Somerset).  All these tutors came for many years (June 30 years) and helped create the atmosphere.  In addition there was harmony in the admin office and kitchen (good old Georgie) Sarah will never know how much we adults appreciated her piano playing in the library.  And then the welcome in the church services from the small congregation. With (guess who!) either John or Marilyn as sidesman, I pay tribute to them all.