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2006 Daniel Farnes, Isle of Wight - FSC Orielton

I first heard of and stayed with the FSC at university, which my uni called the largest field course in Britain. Apparently many unis claim this, interestingly all basing themselves at FSC centres. I was impressed by the facilities at Slapton and by the intro to the charity and its mission told to us by the centre manager.

I was lucky enough to spend my sandwich year at FSC Orielton where my enthusiasm for teaching in the outdoors increased dramatically. I learnt a lot from my brilliant colleagues and our guests, using it continuously throughout my career in Schools and other outdoor education centres.

Just some of my favourite moments at Orielton include:
- Having a group of inner city girls plead with their teacher to stay out later in the rain playing in the woods as "We will never be able to do this at home"
- Having a group of behaviorally challenged boys produce a presentation on the work they did with me over the week, exceeding all expectations of their teachers.
-The beautiful location I found myself immersed in.

Since leaving Orielton I have stayed on in the industry, returning to a few different centres for various things and currently in my latest role using FSC publications and the OPAL scheme massively in my work in LOTC.