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2009 Hsin Yi Lin, The Environmental Professionals Training Institute - FSC Orielton

2009 Taiwan Forest Bureau Study Visit. The study visit programme hosted by Field Studies Council at Orielton, Margam Park and Epping Forest Field Centres.


I benefited a lot from FSC, Not only helps us learn about nature centre but also touch my heart.

After the visit, I still miss Chris and FSC, When I went back to Taiwan, I think a lot of thing for Taiwan's nature centres.

Now, I an employed in EPA for environmental education.

The EPA will certify environmental education personnel, environmental education organizations, and environmental education facilities and sites to raise the quality and strengthen management.
All types of organizations, publicly operated business organizations, K-12 schools, and government sponsored organizations will be required to schedule at least four hours of environmental education classes for all staff, teachers and students each year.

...last, Happy birthday to FSC. Thank you!