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Bursary Fund Stories

FSC Bursary Fund supports individual students who are from disadvantaged backgrounds enabling them to take part in FSC curriculum focused courses with their school class.  This support can be a deciding factor on whether a whole class experiences fieldwork and out of classroom learning. 

On this page you can read some of the stories of the groups who have been helped by the Bursary Fund.

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Archbishop Sentamu 2016

Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Hull

25 of the group who visited FSC Malham Tarn to study GCSE geography received a bursary to enable them to go.

They spent time learning about the unique Yorkshire surroundings including caves, limestone and the issues facing a local farm as well as enjoying team challenges.

One of the teachers summarised the visit saying:

'On the purely academic side it has provided hands on experience of many components of their GCSE course and given direct access to incredible case studies which they will be able to call upon in their exams. However possibly the greatest benefit of this residential visit is seeing how the individual students develop their resilience, independence and confidence as the week goes on.'


Corpus -Christi -photo -1-2016

Corpus Christi Primary, Glasgow

This school received bursary support for 12 of their group of 45 primary students to attend a course at FSC Kindrogan.

'It was outdoor learning at its best. The children have all received a John Muir Discovery Award in recognition of an awareness and responsibility for wild places. For many children it was a very rewarding experience as they proved to themselves that nothing is impossible. An unforgettable experience!'



Benfield -photo -2-2016wBenfield School, Newcastle upon Tyne

A group visited FSC Blencathra for an A Level Biology field trip as the students said reflecting on their experience:

‘The trip has helped me to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired at school in lesson to the field work I have done.’

‘We couldn’t have done anything like this at school.’ 

‘This is an opportunity that they would not have had without the FSC and their specialist tutors.’


Firth Park Academy

This school have visited FSC for several years with students receiving FSC Bursary Fund support. The Principal and Director of Learning; Humanities reflect on how this has impacted on the school and their students:Firth Park 2015

'The FSC has been a key support for the students at our school throughout the 3 years I have worked at Firth Park Academy. Our duty is to ensure students achieve their best possible qualifications and develop their strongest possible character. Experiences with the FSC support both these aims. Our students perform highly on their Geography Controlled Assessment as we work with the FSC tutors on our residential trips and the real life learning about coasts embeds understanding to use in their exams. The FSC tutors are enthusiastic and passionate about outdoor education which inspires students during their time at the Field Studies Centre. The support of a bursary and the Kids Fund is fundamental in reducing the financial barriers our students and their families would otherwise face. For many it is their first time away from home, for some their first trip to the British Coast; opportunities all students deserve to have. There is no doubt staff think highly of the impact of the FSC, students love the experience and this transfers to an increased love of learning Geography and desire to succeed more highly than ever.'  Principal

'Our long term work with the FSC has had a wider impact on the staff and school as a whole than simply with the Geography Department. As numbers opting for the course increase year on year so does the need to bring extra staff, including support staff who live within the catchment of the school. This has helped raise the profile of the department within the school and the local community. Other staff and departments are now looking into using the FSC as a result. 

One notable success from a past student; got an A* at GCSE, on track for that in this year's A-level and is moving to London in the summer to study a degree in Geography.' Director of Learning; Humanities

GCU-2015Glasgow Caledonian University Hub

The Advanced Higher Hub works in partnership with 21 schools across Glasgow giving pupils access to the University facilities as part of the University’s widening participation programme. Just under half of the group who visited FSC Millport were from socially deprived areas of Scotland and eligible for the Bursary.

'The trip gave the pupils the opportunity for active learning and included cross-curricular themes with Maths and Geography. The pupils were able to use this experience to apply their knowledge of both the Higher and Advanced Higher courses in context. It also gave opportunities for consolidation and revision. The field experienced gained will be extremely beneficial for the pupils as they progress through their Advanced Higher Studies.'


Heartlands -pic -2-2013Heartlands Academy, Birmingham 

A group of 15 key stage 3 students from Heartlands undertook a three day residential at FSC Rhyd-y-creuau, doing Adventurous Geography.  11 received bursary support to enable them to attend.

Head of Geography Sarah Fleming arranged the visit: 'The pupils visited an environment completely alien to their own and experienced an appreciation for the great outdoors and the processes that have taken place to form the breath taking scenery. They worked on team skills, from directed outdoor tasks, such as night time orienteering, to working as a team to make their beds and clean the tables during dinner.  The Bursary enabled a number of pupils to come that would likely not have been able to come before.'

One Year 9 pupil said: 'The best part of the trip was gorge scrambling and going into the cave to see the waterfall.'



A student from Stoke Newington School in Hackney said after an A level geography course at Rhyd-y-creuau - ‘A very beneficial experience with real hands on dirty work… we don’t get to measure beach profiles in Hackney!’



Bemrose -2016 (1)Bemrose School, Derby

20 of the 30 who attended from this school received a bursary. The school said without the funding the trip could not have happened as most of the students attending would not have been able to afford the full amount.

The students and teachers really enjoyed the residential visit to FSC Preston Montford in Shropshire, focusing on GCSE Science, and they found students worked really hard in the new surroundings.

'I am really enjoying this trip as I get to do science for three whole days and it is my favourite subject'

'Please can we stay another night? I don’t want to go home yet'




Victoria -JS-5-2016-photo -3Victoria Junior School, Workington

In April 2016 this primary school brought a group of 36 children to FSC Castle Head in Cumbria. The group undertook activities like low ropes, canoeing and den building which enabled them to develop skills like collaboration, reasoning and imagination.  12 students were only able to attend due to the support of an FSC Bursary.

'I have been so brave, I can’t believe I just did that!' (pupil with dypraxia, on completing the low ropes course).

'Canoeing was amazing, it was so brilliant to watch the children really working together and watch as they worked out how to get the canoe to go in the right direction.'



Cymer -Afan --photo -1-2016wCymer Afan Comprehensive School, Cymmer

A group of 16 students from this school chose to visit FSC Margam Park to cover GCSE geography. They found the experience beneficial and the bursary support helped almost half the group to attend.

'I enjoyed the field trip because I learnt a lot but still had fun and enjoyed my stay'

'The place was beautiful and had good staff'

'An enjoyable and rewarding experience which made me proud to be their teacher'



Paisley -Grammar -2016Paisley Grammar School, Paisley

This school undertook their Higher geography fieldwork at FSC Kindrogan in Perthshire.  They described the impact of receiving bursary support as ‘huge’ due to the high number of disadvantaged students who attend the school.

The visit enabled them to collect first hand data and plan well for their Higher geography assignment, really benefitting them back in school.  One student summed up the experience by saying:

'do you know miss, that was actually quite fun'






St -Edmunds -2016St Edmunds Catholic Academy, Wolverhampton

'The student’s achievement is a major benefit of this trip. There is no question that the success we enjoy with student’s results every year is thanks to the fantastic quality of tutoring that they receive at the Field Study Centre.'

'This will be the only opportunity that some of our students have to spend time away from home and has given them an invaluable experience that they will remember long after their school days are over.'

26 students, just over a quarter of the group, were able to attend FSC Rhyd-y-creuau on this GCSE geography trip in 2016 with their peers due to Bursary Fund support.


NCN-photo -2016New College Nottingham

This college undertook a trip with A level biology students to give them an opportunity to visit a rocky shore and a rural area – something many have never had the chance to do.  The visit had a real impact on some:

'This has really inspired me to study biology at university'

'It’s been one of the best experiences of my life!'

The Bursary Fund helped 9 students from the group and enabled them to join the fieldwork trip.