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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

A day at the Field Centre will give your team the opportunity to be involved in a project within the Centre grounds or buildings. The projects are suitable for a range of group sizes and the work can be undertaken over a half day, full day or longer. The aim of the experience would be to make significant progress towards achieving the goals of one of our suggested projects.

The benefits:

  • Knowing that you have contributed to the work of an environmental learning charity.
  • Knowing that literally thousands of people will appreciate the work done (including youngsters with special needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds).
  • You should see an impressive improvement in the area you have been working on.
  • Staff can feel part of a team.
  • Improving motivation.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Undertaking a unique experience as a team.

Epping Forest Field Centre is situated inside the boundary of what was once the first speedway track in the country, the area of approximately 6 acres has a range of habitats including ponds, a Bird Garden, Sustainable Garden and a nature walk. The area is in need of significant restoration and an approved Grounds Plan will guide any work done.

Some examples of past CSR projects are outlined below:

Pitney Bowes

Thirty five volunteers from Pitney Bowes spent the day at EFFC. By the end of the day a butterfly garden in the shape of a caterpillar had been built. Alongside this an interpretation board was produced showing some of the species that may visit the area.  In addition the volunteers assisted in building a sensory garden as part of a lottery funded project. The following year the volunteers returned to undertake maintenance work needed on the site.

Berg Kaprow Lewis

Twenty four volunteers from Berg Kaprow Lewis spent the day at EFFC.  Keen to provide a team building day for their staff they also wanted to make a real and lasting difference to the people that visit and use the Centre. The group divided into three teams and each was asked to design and build a classroom that would safely seat up to 35 people, allow the whole group to be involved with the learning and provide access for all users. The teams were also asked to take into account that the overall message to come from using the classrooms is one of caring and protecting our environment. The Centre now has three new fantastic outdoor classrooms, named Otter, Badger and Owl.

Further Details

Epping Forest Field Centre has a flexible approach to meet the needs of your group.  We will provide you and your staff with the task or project and guidance for the work that is being undertaken. We can also provide a room for staff to leave personal items and can provide meeting rooms if required.

Staff will need to be suitably dressed to work outside and be prepared to get involved.

Option 1: ‘A helping hand’

Your team will undertake general maintenance tasks in the grounds of the Centre.  No charge is associated but donations would be much appreciated.

Option 2: ‘Make a difference’

Your team will undertake general maintenance tasks in the grounds of the Centre along with some small project work which will result in a significant improvement in the area you have been working on.  A small charge to cover the cost of materials required to complete an identified project.

Option 3: ‘Make an impact’

Your team will undertake a larger scale project which will result in an impressive improvement in the area you have been working on.  The scale of the projects may depend on the number of people involved and, as the work would be undertaken outside, external influences such as weather may affect whether the project is completed.  It is expected that as part of any project there will be elements of general grounds maintenance. 

As a company you would provide the funding for materials, facilities and staff time.  Charges are cost covering and include the materials required to complete the identified project and Centre staff time. An approximate cost for a project involving 20 people (Centre staff, facilities and materials) is £1300.  

EFFC will recognise the contribution your company has made in a number of ways which may include:

Your company logo and/or agreed statements could appear on:

  • Associates of Epping Forest Field Centre website
  • Epping Forest Field Centre website
  • Newsletter
  • A display panel in the Centre
  • Press release

Additional charges will be applied for room hire, providing activities (see above for details) or for making other arrangements e.g. lunch.

To book

Contact the Centre ([email protected]) to book, with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Organisation
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Requested date of activity
  • Requested time of activity
  • Number of participants
  • Preferred option (see above)
  • Any other considerations (e.g. medical conditions)
  • Source of information (been before / website / other)