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Professional Training for Teachers

FSC Epping Forest provides training for teachers to carry out learning outdoors. 

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements for teacher training as we run regular courses and can also create bespoke courses to meet your requirements. 

Feedback from teachers previous Primary Fieldwork training:

100% found the course useful and informative.

100% intend to use the weekend's activities and techniques with thier class.

"ALL of the activities were exciting and engaging. The location was stunning and the weather superb. The group gelled really quickly and everyone worked well together. I was inspired to get back to school and start on some of the activities this week!"

"I loved how they brought the history of the Vikings to life, incorporating Social Studies, literacy and Drama. I plan to adapt this activity next term during the Victorians IDL topic."

"A fantastic course! Met lots of enthusiastic teachers willing to share their experiences. The leaders were very knowledgeable and delivered all the activities superbly."

"Many thanks for organising this. I will be recommending to staff that they grab the opportunity to go on other courses like this. As well as being really useful and informative, it was also a lot of fun.  Great to meet such a lovely group of people!"

"I enjoyed the course enormously.  The course instructors were enthusiastic, passionate and very helpful.  I look forward to taking outdoor learning to a higher level and delivering meaningful and engaging learning experiences to children."

"I would use all of the activities but adapt them accordingly. I especially love the transfer of energy water game. This is have tried with my kids already and they loved it."

"I loved the Kung Fu moves as i found it really helps to remember what you want the kids to learn.  I also loved the different techniques Daniel used for checking learning had taken place (pairing up and miming actions back, explaining without hesitation etc.)  I would love to try lots of the activities with my class, but also plan to use the ideas given to help me create my own outdoor learning experiences that fit in with my topics and my school grounds."

"It was relaxed but there was loads of information given and lots to do.  Times of chat over food was just as beneficial as the course.  I thought Daniel was particularly brilliant- his humour and his knowledge were just great!  Hannah also was fascinating with her immense sea knowledge!"

"The opportunity to meet other teachers and to get the chance to speak with others who are further down the line in Outdoor Learning than we are. How they have overcome some of the obstacles. However the best bit was the practical nature of the whole weekend. It gave the opportunity to feel like the pupil and how they would benefit from all the different types of learning we experienced."

"I liked that the activities were realistic to school resources and space. The resources needed were easily accessible, cheap and did not require specialist knowledge. The activities could also take place in a variety of situations and the course leader was able to give alternative ways to adapt to specific situations."

"The Viking house, star orienteering, opal surveys as they are adaptable to my environment."

"This course was so beneficial in giving me ideas and confidence to take learning outdoors.  I am so excited to share my experiences with staff and children."

"I plan to use these strategies across the curriculum and in a variety of contexts."

"I was not confident in my ability to come up with and deliver creative lessons which targeted the relevant CfE outcomes for Social Studies. With all the great ideas for games and activities I can transfer these skills to pretty much any outcome (with some tweaking of course)."

"I think that the activities we learned about can be used and adapted to fit in with different topics and programmes of work.  Although I am working with secondary pupils with special needs at the moment, many of the activities can be adapted to fit with their needs."