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Crafts and Traditional Skills

A section that reflects the increased interest in the crafts and traditional skills which are an intrinsic part of our cultural heritage. These form a natural extension to the wide range of Painting and Drawing courses on offer at FSC Centres.

Many of the activities are studio-based, but you are encouraged to draw inspiration for subject matter by observing the local landscapes, buildings and wildlife or searching for reference material in our extensive libraries. The resulting stained glass panels, willow structures, illuminated manuscripts and other complete pieces can all incorporate creative ways of representing the environment around us.

Detailed course leaflets available direct from the relevant Centres give more comprehensive information on the materials and equipment that are supplied for a course and those that you will need to bring. In addition to the published fee, an extra charge will be made towards the end of most courses for materials that you use on your projects, for example: glass, lead, wood or leather. The exact amount will depend both on the length of the course and how productive you are!