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Biodiversity Management Training Courses

FSC offers a range of biodiversity management training courses for countryside managers and conservation organisation employees and volunteers. We are aware of the ever changing nature both within our natural and managed habitats and the political and economic climate in which we operate today.

 We are actively researching where we can offer the most effective biodiversity management training services to help improve the skills and knowledge base in the conservation sector. To this end we are working with government agencies, professional organisations and partners including universities, museums and recording societies in order to:

  • Provide biodiversity management training courses and resources for critical areas of identification training
  • Offer a selection of appropriate monitoring and surveying courses
  • Source the best skills in course content, skills and external recognition
  • Develop an increased range of identification guides wknd synopsis alongside our partner organisations
  • Seek funding to continue to provide subsidised biodiversity management training for volunteer biological recorders

 Please click on the links below to see how we are providing biodiversity management training courses and resources to further our aims:

Biodiversity Management training courses


Funded projects