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ITC Certificate in Understanding Dowsing and Muscle Testing

  • Location: Dale Fort
  • Tutor: Mark Harris
  • Dates: Friday 01 November 2019 to Monday 04 November 2019
  • NON-RESIDENT: £170

Ever wondered about the science and biology of dowsing and muscle testing also known as kinesiology? Well this certificated course of successful completion sets out to remove the wonder through demonstration and students personal experience. Since the beginning of the 20th century physics has demonstrated that the universe is a sea of energy and information fields that react to thought and observation. One such information field is the human bio energy field sometimes called the aura, which is anchored at the heart and actually consists of 3 fields, an electric yang outward moving one and a magnetic yin inward moving one and a thermal background field. This field is responding minute by minute to what we wear, think, eat, put on our skin, look at, read, in fact anything we say or do or think.

Mark lives in the Forest of Dean where he runs a private clinic as a Kinetic Chain Release and Connective Tissue Release therapist focusing on chronic pain and fatigue cases and ptsd, He is also trained in Cellular Energetic Healing as developed by former NASA astrophysicist Barbara Brennan, spending a year doing this at the Findhorn Community Scotland. He also runs a training company and teaches how to teach and assess, formerly being a soldier and police officer and area manager for British Red Cross. He holds an HND in Social Sciences from the University of Stirling including units in developmental psychology and sociology and has worked in special needs residential education for emotional and behaviour disturbance and lectured at FE Colleges. He has been a member of the charity the British Society of Dowsers for many years, worked as a dowser, taught many courses and workshops in dowsing and has served as a council trustee for the Society, and currently is a member of the Society training and education committee. He has an enquiring mind as does not accept things to be as they are! As human beings we scratch the surface of our potential and often settle for things as they are, a bit like being plugged into the matrix in the film of the same name. Come and explore why that might be with Mark.

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