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A moth less ordinary

The discovery of a rare Marsh Pug moth during the recent FSC course Moths in Bushy Park was an exciting find for all involved.

The course took place in the London park on 16th May and participants enjoyed a day of exploring the park, moth trapping and Marsh Pug Bushy Park Martin Harveylearning more about UK moths.

The small, brown moth was found during the afternoon and, due to it being unusual, wasn't identified immediately.

Course tutor Martin Harvey explains: "Once I'd had a proper look I realised it was a Marsh Pug. This is a Nationally Scarce species that I've never seen before, and for which there are very few records in Middlesex, and none for the Bushy Park area as far as I can find out." 

More about the Marsh Pug

Bushy Park is regularly used for FSC courses and has recently been announced as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - one of the most important places for wildlife in the country.

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Images both © Martin Harvey

Wednesday, May 27, 2015