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Congratulations to Sue!

The National Biodiversity Network recently bestowed Sue Townsend with an honorary membership in recognition of her contributions to the network and biological recording sector.

To many people in the biodiversity sector, Sue is very much the face of The Field Studies Council. Originally Head of Centre at Preston Montford Field Studies Centre and went on to the head office role of Biodiversity Learning Manager.

Since then Sue has a number of highly regarded biodiversity training projects under her belt, including Invertebrate Challenge, Tomorrow’s Biodiversity and, most recently, FSC BioLinks. In addition, she is responsible for the FSC’s involvement in the Identiplant and MSc Biological Recording courses.

Sue At NBN

Outside of the FSC, Sue is a prominent member of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland and co-created the Field Identification Skills Certificate (which laid the foundations for the FSC BioLinks Development Plan for Training Provision) and is chair of the Shropshire Ecological Data Network.

Keiron Derek Brown, BioLinks Project Manager, said, "Sue has been a truly wonderful mentor to the whole FSC BioLinks team and we are over the moon that she recieved this award in recognition of her achievements."


Friday, December 7, 2018