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FSC Kids Fund grant awards for March 2019

It’s good news for 40 young people from Tyne and Wear, Nechells in Birmingham and Edgware in London who have been awarded grant funding from FSC Kids Fund to attend courses at FSC Juniper Hall, FSC Castle Head and FSC Preston Montford this summer. They fought off strong competition from other applications, by clearly expressing how they would benefit from an FSC experience.

  • Gateway North East is a charity for young people with a disability or barrier to learning such as family caring responsibilities or living in the care system. They have been going out to their local meadows and enjoying pond dipping but are ready to learn more and start to understand and take part in some conservation activities.
  • Free at Last is an inner city youth charity which aims to improve the lives of children in Nechells, Birmingham. The children struggle with food and clothing poverty but enjoy a weekly youth club with a site close to a canal duck pond. Their aspiration is to focus on this area to make it better for wildlife and to encourage volunteering.
  • Northgate School is a pupil referral unit for young people who are outpatients at the mental health facility of Edgware Hospital in London. The Unit has a strong environmental pathway and recognises the benefits of working with nature and in natural settings as a way of helping the young people on a pathway to better mental health. They are excited to come to FSC to increase their understanding of how nature works and environmental management.

FSC Kids Fund March 2019 will award £6,132 to 3 groups. The next Kids Fund decision making rounds close on 1 June and 1 November 2019. See more information about FSC Kids Fund here.

Monday, March 18, 2019