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GCSE Education Consultations

There are currently two consultations in progress. One from the DfE on the draft details of the new GCSE content in core academic subjects and one from Ofqaul on the regulation of reformed GCSEs.

The first teaching of the new core subject GCSEs will happen from Sept 2015, with specifications in schools by Sept 2014. The first exams will be taken in summer 2017. Languages and other subjects will follow with first teaching in 2016.

The GCSE drafts are designed to be more challenging and rigorous; there is more extended writing and problem solving. Mr Gove has included more detail in the requirements for subject content and limited internal assessment in an attempt to 'ensure greater consistent and fairness across subjects and between exam boards.’

In the DfE GCSE curriculum content consultation for Geography, it is proposed that students will be required to undertake fieldwork, the Ofqual consultation proposes that related knowledge and skills can be assessed by written examination and marked by the exam board. For Science, tiering is still recommended by DfE and the curriculum content requires students to demonstrate their practical science skills, which Ofqual propose can be assessed by teachers and contribute 10% of the students final grade. These consolations end in August.

DfE consultation

Ofqual consultation

Friday, July 5, 2013