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ID Signpost launched

FSC’s Tomorrow’s Biodiversity project (Tom.bio) has launched the ID Signpost, an online searchable catalogue of UK biological identification resources.

Over 450 resources are listed, covering many species groups and cataloguing a wide range of resources, including free pdf downloads, websites, books, fold-out charts and apps.

A key feature is that the records of ID resources are crowd-sourced. This means that it can be kept up-to-date more easily and have a much wider reach than if only a few people were able to edit it.

To use the ID Signpost, specify a keyword such as 'bees' and click the search button. Optionally you can also filter searches based on whether or not the resource is free and what media it is available on (e.g. 'online'). Adding resources is easy - simply register for an account on the website and let the Tom.bio team know you'd like to add content.

The ID Signpost was created because the Tomorrow's Biodiversity consultation identified a strong appetite for more 'signposting' of resources to enable UK biological recorders to quickly see what is available in respect of ID resources.

The ID Signpost can be found here: www.tombio.uk/idsignpost

Wednesday, July 8, 2015