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Weird and wonderful fungi

Find out more about these fungi which are parasites or cause disease in insects:

Entomophthora muscae

This fungus causes a fatal disease in flies.  Once the fly is infected it becomes ill, and then climbs to a high point where it opens its wings, ensuring the fungus spores are spread as far as possible. It is fairly common in Britain and outbreaks tend to be spring or autumn.

 Entomophthora -muscae -on -Dun


Cordyceps millitaris or Scarlet Caterpillar Fungus

With this fungus it becomes a parasite on a host caterpillar underground, eventually pushing through the ground.  Found in woodland or grassland and not easy to spot as although bright orange they are usually shorter than the surrounding moss or grass.

Scarlet -Caterpillar -Fungus-   Scarlet -Caterpillar -Fungus-2

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Images by Robin Sutton


Friday, September 26, 2014