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When did spring 2015 begin?

Back in March we asked you to look out for the four indicators which show that it is spring. We received our first replies towards the end of April.

They showed that the best place to be this year was Pembrokeshire, where the average date of the four indicators being seen fell on 11 April. At the latest end of the range was York which had an average of 10 May - almost a month later!

The data showed a noticeable north/south divide with responses from further north tending to show a later start to spring. The exception to the rule was our own centre at Juniper Hall in Surrey where spring arrived on 26 April, mainly due to the swallow sighting being so late.

The four indicators which make up the Spring Index are horse chesnut flower, swallow, hawthorn flower and orange-tip butterflies. The date of spring is calculated by averaging the dates when each one is first seen.

Thank you to those who contributed to the Spring Index survey.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015