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Let 's -go -bug -hunting -1

Let's go bug hunting

Can you find all 12 bugs? (pdf, 311KB)

Bug hunting in gardens and parks: can you find all 12 bugs? Peer down among the flowers, on leaves and stems, in long grass, under logs and stones, under plant pots and among dead leaves.

A warm and sunny day is best. Bugs are easiest to spot between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. Don’t forget to tick the photo of the bug when you find it. How many bugs will you find?


Hedgerow Fruits And Nuts -1 Thumbnail

Hedgerow fruits and nuts

Can you find all 12 fruits and nuts? (pdf, 365KB)

Hunting for hedgerow fruits and nuts: can you find all 12? How good is the hedge as a source of food for wildlife?

Juicy fruits and nuts start appearing in hedgerows in August, with lots more to be found in September and October.




Delving In Deadwood -1

Delving into deadwood

Can you find all 12 deadwood residents? (pdf, 328KB)

Look for deadwood in gardens, parks and woodlands. Can you find all 12 of the deadwood-loving plants, fungi and animals?

You can look for deadwood at any time of year.





Title Code Dates Authors Price
Garden Bugs and Beasties OP162 2014 Farley Brown, Shields & Langman 3.30
Nature Spotters in the Garden NS01 2019 FSC 8.00
Nature Spotters in the Countryside NS02 2019 FSC 8.00
Butterflies Identification Chart OP184 2019 Bebbington & Lewington 4.00