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Fruits and Seed Dispersal Chart

  • Code: OP71
  • Author(s): Bebbington & Bebbington
  • Date: 2002
  • Price : £3.30

The FSC Fruits and Seeds Dispersal Chart features 40 common plants, and shows the many different ways in which they spread their seeds.

Some attract animals, either with juicy fuits (like blackberry, hawthorn and elder) or through hitch-hiking (like burdock, cleavers and agrimony). Other plants rely on the wind, with spinning seeds (like sycamore, ash and lime) and parachutes (like dandelion, willowherb and thistle). And a few plants can even disperse their own seeds using 'explosions' (such as gorse and pansy) and 'pepperpots' (like foxglove and poppy).

The Fruits and Seeds Dispersal Chart was produced in partnership with Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS).

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