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Guide to using a lichen based index to nitrogen air quality

  • Code: OP158
  • Author(s): CEH, NHM & University of Nottingham
  • Date: 2013
  • Price : £3.30

This guide provides a simple method for determining gaseous nitrogen pollution that can be used by anyone interested in the impacts of gaseous nitrogen on sensitive habitats in the UK.

It includes a simple identification key to epiphytic lichens growing on oak and birch that show sensitivity to, or tolerance of, atmospheric nitrogen pollution. The lichen species present at your location are used to calculate a lichen indicator score (LIS), which is then converted into a standardised nitrogen air quality index (NAQI), showing the nitrogen air quality at your location.

This guide was produced in partnership with Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural History Museum and the University of Nottingham.


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