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Moorland Plants Identification Chart

  • Code: OP46
  • Author(s): Jones & Roberts
  • Date: 1998
  • Price : £3.30

Need an identification guide to moorland plants?

From bilberry to bog asphodel, from cranberry to cottongrass, the FSC Moorland Plants Identification Chart features 36 species of flowering plants and dwarf shrubs found in heathland, bogs and moorland.

Arranged by habitat, the chart includes plants of peat bogs (such as bog asphodel and bog myrtle), wet heath (such as cross-leaved heath and sundews), dry heath (such as cowberry and bilberry) and upland woodland (such as gorse and foxglove).

On the reverse side there's a full identification key based on plant shape and leaf characteristics, so that plants can be identified even when they are not in flower.

The chart is suitable for students (14+) carrying out fieldwork in moorland or heathland, such as carbon cycle assessments, wet-dry transects and studies of heathland succession.

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