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Polychaetes: Interstitial families (2nd ed.)

  • Code: SBF44
  • Author(s): Westheide
  • Date: 2008
  • Price : £29.00

The minute polychaetes that occur in the interstitial spaces within sandy marine sediments are a diverse phylogenetic assemblage, representing seven separate orders (all of them specifically interstitial) and nine families.

Since they occur together in the same microhabitat, this Synopsis departs from the general style and content of the other Synopses devoted to polychaetes, which are each concerned with one group of related species or families.

This new edition of the Synopsis has been brought completely up to date, with many new references, an updated species list, and extensive additional information included about species featured in the First edition.

Each volume of the Synopses of the British Fauna provides a detailed account of a group of animals, and is suitable for more experienced users.

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