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Rocky Shore Name Trail (fully encapsulated)

  • Code: OP61W
  • Author(s): Simms, Cremona & Ward
  • Date: 2001
  • Price : £5.50

Rockpools and rocky shores are a great place to find seashore animals and plants in their natural habitat. The FSC Rocky Shore Name Trail features the most common limpets, mussels, periwinkles, topshells, starfish, crabs, shore fishes and other animals you are likely to see, as well as seaweeds, lichens and encrusting sponges.

Simple yes/no questions guide you to the colour illustrations for each group. Text on the reverse side describes what to look for in each group, including mollucs, crustaceans, star fish, sea squirts, shore fishes and more.

The FSC Rocky Shore Name Trail is also available as a standard chart.

The FSC Rocky Shore Name Trail is also available in Welsh.

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