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Promoting Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning

The FSC is a vocal champion and advocate for outdoor education and fieldwork. Find out about How We Work.

Currently, our priority areas are:

Curriculum & Examinations

There has been a long and continuing decline in high-quality science fieldwork, to the point where it is now possible to study biology in secondary schools and university without leaving the classroom. FSC is targeting curriculum and examination developers at all levels to ensure that the profile of fieldwork is increased.

Teacher Training

There are insufficient numbers of teachers with the competence, confidence and commitment to lead fieldwork.  FSC is targeting initial teacher training and professional development – and the government standards that underpin these - to ensure that this is remedied.

Inclusive Fieldwork

Young people from disadvantaged areas have fewer opportunities to do high-quality fieldwork. FSC is developing projects and supporting evidence which will help to ensure that all students can take part in learning outside the classroom, irrespective of locational or funding barriers.

School Inspections

An unfortunate modern-day mantra is ‘if it’s not inspected, it’s not important’. FSC is targeting government policy to ensure that the government’s schools inspectors are asking the sort of questions which will ensure that fieldwork is given sufficient importance when schools plan their timetabling and teaching priorities.

Can You Help?

If you have information or a personal experience that could add to the FSC’s evidence base  linked to any of the above topics please contact our Campaigns Department by email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can become a Supporter of the FSC, for example by becoming an FSC member or contributing directly to one of our bursary or appeals funds.